Turn any personal failure into a springboard for your spectacular success story

Finally — a book that has cracked the code on turning failure into success, in ANY aspect of your life: diet, business, relationships… anything.

This practical, take-control guide is written by someone who suffered major failure, turned it around, and can help you thrive too. 

Some years ago, Lennox Cornwall lost a fortune in a failed business partnership. He was traumatized… paralyzed by fear… and for a fleeting moment, suicidal. But after a period of journaling and praying on ways to turn his life around, he had a Eureka moment: "FAILURE IS GOOD! It's actually a foundation of wisdom and power." Lennox used this wisdom to turn his life round. Today he's the owner of a successful Pop-A-Lock® franchise location, plus he owns a commercial real estate portfolio, has a ball-bearing caster invention patent pending, and he offers coaching and consulting to corporate executives.

Now, in his refreshingly honest and practical guide:

You can discover 7 simple tweaks to
finally turn failure around and live the life of your dreams.

See why Bob Proctor — leading prosperity coach, best selling author, celebrity from The Secret movie and Chairman of the Proctor Gallagher Institute — strongly recommends this book if you're struggling to work your way back from failure.

"This book will challenge you. It will help you release the knowledge you learned from failure… bring it to your conscious reality… and serve as your power base for successful transformation."

— Lennox Cornwall

This book may be the first and only step-by-step guide to rising above failure, and it's a joy to read! Each chapter provides actionable steps to turn failure around, starting today, such as:


“What would you do if you absolutely knew that the failure you fear is THE lesson you required to achieve the greatest thing you desire? Would you embrace that failure? I suspect the answer is, 'Yes.'” and, therefore, this book is a MUST read for you.”

— Emmanuel Dagher, Healer and best selling author of EasyBreezy Prosperity

"Embracing Failure is a vitally important, life-changing book that everyone should read. Refreshing, enlightening and impactful."

— Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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"Lennox Cornwall provides the remedy to this life-threatening conception of failure with EMBRACING FAILURE: Your Key to Success"

— Rodney C. Flowers, International Best Selling Author
Get Up! I Can’t. I Will. I Did… Here’s How!, Essential Assertions, and Conversations With Rodney


"Shortly after my ever so brief flirtation with suicide, this book started out as a cathartic journal to help me understand how I managed to go from Hero, in a cutthroat, dog-eat-dog corporate environment, to Victim in what should have been the manifestation of my wildest dreams. In due time I was gifted the understanding of what failure really is, and then learned to embrace and embody it in such a way that I now dared to seek it out, realizing that without it, there is no such concept, reality or truth called success. It is a literal truth; one that if you do not embrace, you cannot succeed – period!'

— Lennox Cornwall